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Configuring Your Support Center
(version 2.05 and higher)


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Hosts of America periodically polls the specified POP3 support mailbox (e.g. and extracts its content to generate Trouble Tickets and submit them to the Support Center. Then the messages are removed from the mailbox. If any of the required parameters is not specified correctly or is missing, the mail will not be collected.

Since the trouble ticket system doesn't provide the functionality to view attachments and mail headers, it is also recommended to have support e-mail forwarded to another mailbox for archiving purposes.

To configure your Support Center, do the following:

  1. Log into your Tech Support Admin account control panel;
  2. Select Tech Support in the Settings menu;
  3. On the page that shows, configure your Support Center:

    Support Email

    Full support e-mail address (e.g.
    This e-mail address will be polled to generate trouble tickets and will be used to send replies.

    POP3 Host

    Name of the POP3 mail server

    POP3 User

    Full POP3 user login name. In Hosts of America it is the same as your support email.

    POP3 Password

    Password to this mailbox. The password is required to access the mailbox by POP3.

    New features available in version 2.3 and higher:

    Automatically Close Answered Tickets After x Days

    • Enter days to keep answered trouble tickets open. Tickets will be closed after these many days once you answer them.
    • Leave this field empty if you want answered tickets to be closed immediately.
    • Enter -1 if you want all answered tickets to remain open in the Tickets Center.

    Ticket Center Settings

    You can choose "Answered" and "On Hold" sections to show/hide in the Tickets Center.

    Default KnowledgeBase

    This knowledge base will be available to your end users as well as Tech Support admins and Tech Support assistants in the control panel from Support Center -> KnowledgeBase

    Default Support KnowledgeBase

    This knowledge base will be used to suggest trouble ticket answers to all Tech Support admins and Tech Support assistants.

    Max Suggestions

    The maximum number of suggested trouble ticket answers from the KnowledgeBase.

    Don`t send confirmation emails for received Trouble Tickets

    With this box unchecked, the system will send receipt confirmations to e-mail senders. Please be careful with this option, because if the sender has an autoresponder enabled, you'll end up exchanging endless receipt confirmations with him.

    Do not check e-mail address

    When an e-mail message arrives to the support address, its from address and subject are checked to see if it's a follow up to an earlier response. If you enable Do not check e-mail address, incoming messages will be checked only by the subject. In this way, a reply from a different e-mail address won't be treated as a new support request if the subject remained unchanged.


    Highlight E-mails

    E-mails received from the domains you entered here will be highlighted with red in the main queue of trouble tickets. This is typically used for customers with priority support but can also be used for other purposes, for instance, to emphasize on brand new customers, etc.


    Spam E-mails

    E-mails received from the domains you entered here will be blocked as spamming emails. You can use it to stop spamming attempts.

  4. Now that your Support System is configured, click Save to confirm changes.

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