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Configuring Your Mail Settings
(version 2.05 and higher)


Hosts of America uses e-mail to notify your staff about any events in the system, such as user signups, critical errors, accounting errors, etc. changes, problems & news. It allows you to track through e-mail new sign-ups, recieve a copy of a trouble ticket or be notified of the critical error.

To subscribe your staff to e-mail notifications, select Mail Settings in the Settings menu:

On the page that appears, add their e-mails to the following mailing lists:

Mailing List Name

Recipients will get:


Copies of the welcome e-mail (order notification) at user signup. In case of a moderated signup, this notification is e-mailed after account moderation.


Trimmed version of signup e-mail without sensitive information. Not implemented yet.

Accounting Error

System notifications about accounting errors. Not Yet Implemented.

Moderated Signup

System notifications e-mailed when a new customer has signed up and the account is waiting to be moderated. Not applicable if signup moderation is disabled.

Ticket Copy

Copies of trouble tickets generated by customers and answers by Tech Support.

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