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Configuring Control Panel Interface
(version 2.05 and higher)


Here you will learn how to customize the look and feel of your customers' control panels.



  • Banner HTML Code: enter the HTML code for the banner you want to show up both in admin and your users control panels.

    E.g.:<a href="" target="blah-bhlah"> <img src="" width=468 height=60></a>
    Tip: it might be just an image, for example, your logo.
  • Show Copyright: toggle the button to show / hide the copyright notice in the top left corner of the window above the logo both in admin and user control panels.
  • Logo Image URL: enter the URL address of the image to show up in the top left corner of the window.
  • Signup Image URL: enter the URL address of the image to show up in the left top corner of the windows for plan signup forms.
  • Login Image URL: enter the URL address of the image to show up on the logging page on the right.

Important: Your own custom images added to the Hosts of America interface can be lost with the new release update unless you put them into the /hsphere/local/home/cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/common/IMAGES/ directory.


Design and Colors

Starting with version 2.1, you can choose out of current designs and color schemes for user's control panel. Admin panel interface customizability will be added in the future updates.

To set a new preferred (i.e. default) design for the user control panel, do the following:

  1. Select Design Settings from the Look and Feel menu.
  2. In the Choose Design box select the default design.
  3. Click the Modify button.
  4. On the page that appears, change the settings:

    • Users can choose this design - this option determines whether this design becomes available to your customers;
      * In all Hosts of America versions released before version 2.3 (2.096 - 2.2) Left Menu design can't be disabled. Starting from version 2.3 it can be disabled for users as all other designs.
    • New users will get this design as default - switching this option on will switch it off for all other designs;
    • Choose another design - go to another design to modify.

  5. For each design (common, text based, no menu) you can set different image and icon set and also create only one custom color scheme, by changing and retouching one of the predefined color schemes.
    * If you choose default color scheme, your custom color scheme settings will be lost.

  1. Click the Preview Window icon at the bottom of the page to see how your settings will effect users' control panel.
  2. Now you can return to editing design settings or leave the Design Settings page.


Customizing Hosts of America Images

To substitute or customize default Hosts of America images, please follow the instructions below:
1. Ask your parent host to provide you with default control panel images. And copy them to your custom location.
2. Once you have copied the images, replace those that you decided to change with your custom ones preserving their sizes.
3. Go to Look and Feel -> Design Settings and click the Change button.
4. Specify your custom location in the Base Image Directory field:


This location must be either a fully qualified URL of your host or a directory path relative to the CP Web Server Document Root. 5. If you made a mistake and your images do not show, just clear the Base Image Directory field, and click Submit. The original path will be restored.


Company Information

The system holds your company's name, mailing address and other details. Make sure to fill this out carefully, because this information is actively used across the control panel, including the letters e-mailed to the user, requests to Enom and OpenSRS, etc.:

Don't confuse the following:

  • e-mail: the e-mail you can be contacted at.
  • Hostmaster E-mail: your sysadmin e-mail address. Use a dot "." instead of "@" in the e-mail address.


Interface Texts

Menu Item Appear
Login Texts on the login page
Signup Texts on signup wizard pages
Misc.Texts Customer Support info in the tooltip area when an action fails to execute with an error message
written to the log and e-mailed to the support e-mail address
Checks Info

in signup wizard ("Send your checks to"),
in check invoice notifications,
in check approaching resources limit notifications, etc.

Privacy Statement

reserved for future implementation

Sales Info

*If you leave any of the boxes empty, the system will use the texts that come with the original installation.

Interface Language
(version 2.07 and higher)

This feature allows you to change the Default Language of your system's interface both for you and your users' control panels (menu, context online help, Hosts of America system messages, labels on html pages etc.) However, your users will always be able to override these settings with another available language to adjust their CP interface according to their liking.

Currently Hosts of America comes with the following languages: English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch (the 4 latter languages in 2.09.5 and higher).


Regional Settings
(version 2.09 and higher)

This feature allows you to change currency symbol in the way that is common in your country. These settings will affect user control panels and automatic customer e-mail notifications and invoices. To change regional settings:

  1. Select Regional Options in the Look and Feel menu.
  2. On the page that appears, enter preferred locale settings:

    • Currency symbol used in your country that you want to show in prices, invoices etc.
    • Corresponding International currency symbol which is an international string denoting the local currency.
    • Decimal Monetary Separator, a character used to format decimal numbers.
    • Grouping Separator, a grouping character used to separate thousands, e.g: 100,000,000.
      Note: It's commonly used for thousands, but in some countries it separates ten-thousands.
    • Currency pattern that shows how your monetary amount will look like. Refer to Comments regarding currency pattern for details.
      For example, the European currency pattern will look as follows: # ¤,##0.00;-# ¤,##0.00 (in some countries negative subpatterns are put into brackets: # ¤,##0.00;(# ¤,##0.00)) Another example for pattern: #,##0.##: for 3456.00 -> 3,456 althought #,0#0.00: for 3,456.00 -> 3,456.00.
    • Appearance Samples displays monetary amounts the way they will show in the system after you change the pattern.
    • Short, medium, long and full date formats represent dates in your control panel. This feature is not yet implemented, though reserved for future versions.
  3. Click Submit and take a look at the values in the Appearance samples box to see how your changes will affect monetary amounts throughout the control panel.

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