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Configuring Automatic Customer Notifications


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You can configure whether and when your customers will receive the following types of system e-mails:


Traffic Limit and Disk Quota Warnings
(version 2.09 and higher)

When customers approach their traffic limit or disk quota, they get respective e-mail warnings. To choose how closely to the limit these warnings will be issued:

  1. Select User Warnings in the Settings menu.
  2. Specify when users will be e-mailed. Choose if the accounts will be suspended:

Note: This option won't suspend unpaid accounts. They can be suspended only manually.


version 2.1 and higher

When creating plans with plan wizards, you choose whether you want Hosts of America to e-mail invoices to users right as they buy resources. With e-mail invoicing on, customers will receive invoices for every single bill entry, e.g. overlimit traffic. Invoices are sent from the e-mail address specified in the Look and Feel menu -> Company Info. With e-mail invoicing off, customers will get no invoices, even at the end of the billing period.

To turn e-mail invoicing on or off:

  1. Start a plan edit wizard.
  2. On the first step scroll down to the Settings section.
  3. Check the E-mail invoice notification box.
  4. Complete the wizard.

After signup, users can change this option in their accounts.

To turn automatic invoicing ON or OFF for all your customers regardless of their current settings:

  1. Select Other in the E.MANAGER menu.
  2. Click ON or OFF in the E-mail invoicing section:

Forcing e-mail invoicing on or off overrides current user settings. However it doesn't prevent customers from switching this option back afterwards for their own accounts.
*See also user-side e-mail invoicing.

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Configuring Your Mail Settings

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