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Adjusting Prices For Taxes
(version 2.09 and higher)


Prices in your plans are net of any taxes. Hosts of America further calculates the amount to be added to the SUBTOTAL of the user invoice based on the tax value.

To adjust prices for taxes:

  1. Select Taxes in the Settings menu.
  2. On the page that appears, click the Add icon.
  3. Fill the form that appears:
    • Description: enter the name of the tax that will show in user invoices.
    • Country (in version 2.3.1 Beta): choose a country this tax applies to and choose where this tax will take effect - inside or outside the country.
    • State (in version 2.3.1 Beta): choose the state from the drop-down box if the tax applies to USA or Canada. If other, enter the one of your own. Choose where this tax will take effect - inside or outside this state.
    • Per cent: enter the tax amount. For instance, to apply a 12% VAT to your prices, enter 12.
  4. Click Submit.

To delete a tax, click the Trash icon next to the tax:

Customer's online invoices will show taxes like this:

When setting several taxes, Hosts of America calculates each of them using the same SUBTOTAL amount, not the resulting tax-inclusive amount. See the following example:

The SUBTOTAL is $14.04, the 15% XYZ tax makes up $1.30, and the 20% VAT tax is calculated using the same $14.04 (XYZ exclusive), making up $2.81.

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