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Getting Technical Support


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Your control panel comes with an integrated support center that allows you to communicate your problems to the technical support using a web browser.


Sending Trouble Tickets

To report a problem, do the following:

  1. On the control panel home page, click New Trouble Ticket.
  2. On the page that appears, compose the problem report:

    • Title: the subject of your trouble ticket message.
    • E-mail: your e-mail address. It is required if you want to receive an e-mail confirmation that your trouble ticket was received by the technical support.
    • Disable email confirmation: check this box if you do not want to receive the e-mail confirmation upon receiving tickets.
    • Priority: state how important or urgent it is for you to have this problem taken care of.
    • Question: enter a question or describe your technical problem
    • .
      Important: (available in version 2.3 and higher) when posting a trouble ticket, do not enter texts in HTML. Support system will not transform it into the plain text, but post it as it is. E.g: entering <i>problem</i> will show up in a trouble ticket only as <i>problem</i> which will make it difficult for TechSupport staff to read. Use it only when HTML tags are important.
    • Attachment: (available in version 2.3 and higher) you can add it if a trouble ticket was sent to you by email. Users with web-based TechSupport system won't be able to retrieve it.
      1. Click Browse at the bottom of the ticket;
      2. Choose the file;
      3. Click Upload. The filename shows in the Attachments section.

      4. Note: if a ticket was created in a control panel, the user will view this TT in a web-based interface and won't be able to view the attachment.
  3. Click Submit. Your ticket will be sent to the technical support.

Alternatively, you can launch the trouble ticket composer from virtually any place in your control panel:


Following Up Trouble Tickets

To see your trouble tickets and answers to them, do the following:

  1. Click Ticket Center on your control panel home page.
  2. On the Trouble Tickets page that appears, click column headers to sort your trouble tickets:
  3. Click the corresponding trouble ticket title.
  4. Enter a follow-up trouble ticket in the box that appears:
  5. Click Submit.


Closing Trouble Tickets

Once you've answered a ticket and don't need it any further, you can close it. There are two options:

  • Click the Tickets Center icon on your control panel home page. In the list of tickets, click the Close link on the right.
  • Open a trouble ticket and once you answer it, click the Close button in the right upper corner.

Closed trouble tickets are regarded as deleted and are not available for your viewing.

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